mobile unit

Thanks to our mobile unit, we offer a safety shoe distribution service directly to your workplace . We have the largest mobile unit in Canada with a loading capacity of 4,500 pairs of safety shoes. With more than 80 styles in stock , we can meet the requirements of each member of your team and this, according to a flexible schedule that will meet your needs . In addition, we are able to track the logistics of these operations. A simple and effective method to put on your employees with the guarantee of complete satisfaction . If you are interested in our mobile unit service, please contact us we will provide you with more information on our company visit service.

  • We put on and dress you, directly at your place of work .
  • Vast selection and inventory of specialized work shoes: Mechanics boots, welders boots (metatarsals), ESD shoes, Omega shoes, construction boots, drivers boots, CSA shoes for the food industry, etc.
  • Request a free consultation from one of our industry advisors. We will offer you solutions that:
  1. ... will reduce your costs for safety shoes.
  2. ... will increase the quality of the products to provide more comfort to your employees.
  3. .... will facilitate the management and control of your employees' safety shoes
  • Professional and prompt service to respond to your business needs and questions.

Natasha Gosselin
sales representative