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Problems with the heels of your work shoes?

When I hear customers mention that their old boots were of poor quality, I like to take the time to ask them about what they didn't like. A recurring answer is that the two inner heels of their old work shoes crumbled prematurely and this wear and tear quickly led to foot pain.

I'm taking a few minutes to write an article that will provide possible solutions for those who experience this problem with their work boots. Contrary to what people think, the problem of crumbling shoe heels is rarely related to product quality. Generally, the causes are the consequence of inadequate usage habits.

The first question is simple. Do you take the time to properly untie your shoes every time you take them off? If the answer is no, know that you are wearing down the heels of your shoes unnecessarily every time you take them off without untying them . Also, if you don't bother to unlace them, chances are you're not lacing them up either. A bad habit that leaves your foot too soft in the shoe and creates repetitive friction that can prematurely deteriorate the inside of your work shoes.

A second factor that comes into play is the replacement of the comfort insole . Work shoes are made for use with the original comfort sole. If you add a comfort insole on top of the original insole or if you replace the original insole with a thicker insole or orthotic, it is likely that your heel will no longer be positioned at the correct height. inside your shoe. The situation causes friction and wears the heel of your work shoe.

The third important point to check is the size of the shoe you are wearing . If your work boot is too loose or too tight, the inside of your shoe will deteriorate prematurely.

In the event of a problem with your safety shoes, do not hesitate to contact our advisors at We will do our best to assist you and find solutions to these problems.

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