Êtes-vous bien chaussé pour le travail?

Are you properly shod for the job?

Are your work boots causing your toes to hurt? Do you feel a burning sensation under your feet? Has the inside heel of your work shoe crumbled and hurt your foot? These symptoms do not necessarily mean that you have purchased poor quality safety shoes. In general, the problem comes rather from the choice of the shoe. You are simply fitted with an inadequate product.

Our retail store offers a choice of more than 350 models of work shoes. Admittedly, fashion is partly involved in the choice to offer such a wide range, but the real objective is to meet all the needs of our customers. These needs vary mainly according to the sector of activity of the customer and the physiognomy of his foot. The mission of our sales advisers is to find the best possible compromise between the two needs in order to properly assist the customer in the choice of the purchase of his new safety shoe.

The ideal is therefore to prevent the painful consequences of a poor choice of work shoes by following the advice of a specialist. However, it is possible that a problem may occur despite these tips. In this case, here are some small tips to improve your condition which makes your working days difficult.

Toe or heel pain is usually related to the size of your work boot. If your shoes are too short, your toes touch the steel (or composite) cap and you develop injuries. If your shoes are too long, your foot lacks support and your heel rubs in your safety shoe every time you move. The fabrics in the heel of your work shoe crumble and give way to stiff, uncomfortable material.

To check if the size of your shoe is adequate, simply remove the false sole from the inside of your safety shoe and place your foot on this sole. Align your heel perfectly with that of your false sole. In principle, you should have a space of about 1.5 to 2 cm free at the end of your false insole.

If you feel discomfort under the foot, the problem is usually related to your false sole. To improve the situation, it is enough to change it to a comfort sole. On the other hand, beware of thick comfort insoles which risk raising your foot too much and causing other painful consequences. I suggest the STI-INS two-density poron sole ( http://autravail.ca/products/sti-ins ). Its effectiveness lies in its simplicity. If you choose this option, don't forget to remove your false insoles before putting on your new comfort insoles inside your safety shoes.

These tips are a simple and very quick overview of the basics of safety shoes. If they are not enough to help you improve your problems related to your work shoe, I invite you to write to us at info@autravail.ca and we will try to help you.

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Bonjour ,
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Suzanne Morais

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